$15 Sterling Silver Coin – King George VI (2009)

Mintage 10,000
Canada and US only
$104.95 CAD

A royal sculpture unlike any other

Ultra-high relief coinsA royal sculpture unlike any other
Some people may remember seeing this effigy of George VI on Canadian coins, but they’ve never seen it as defined and exquisitely carved as it is here. That’s because this remarkable coin has been crafted using the same process normally reserved for medals.

Each coin in the Vignettes of Royalty Collection has been struck an incredible four times and polished by hand. The result is an astounding level of relief—the perfect distinction for our first-ever double-effigy coins!

King George VI was a popular monarch who came to the throne unexpectedly when his brother Edward VIII abdicated in 1936. His effigy appeared on Canada’s 1-, 5-, 10-, 25- and 50-cent coins from 1937 to 1952.

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