$150 Pure Gold Coin - Blessings of Wealth (2009)

Mintage 5,000
Canada and US only
$799.95 CAD

Collectible scallop shape and intriguing Asian design

Is there a greater blessing than wealth—a wish for prosperity and good fortune. Since time immemorial, this has been one of humanity's great occupations.

In China, blessings of wealth abound in a multitude of ancient symbols and artistic expressions, many of which are beautifully represented on this scalloped coin of pure gold.

This coin, designed by Harvey Chan, conveys the wish, "gold and jade fills your house." Goldfish and jade are quintessential symbols of prosperity, a sentiment that is strengthened by the fact that the Chinese character for fish (Yú) is pronounced in the same manner as the character for jade. The peony at the centre of the design is another powerful symbol for prosperity and nobility while the auspicious clouds in the background ensure such good fortune is never-ending.

Highlights: From its scalloped shape to its ancient Chinese art and characters, this coin is brimming with intrigue. Its superior purity of 99.999% pure gold is a magnificent—and highly symbolic— composition for expressing this blessing of wealth.

Reverse: Chinese symbols of good fortune come together in this highly symbolic design. Three goldfish surround a peony with auspicious clouds of prosperity in the background.

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