$20 Silver Coin - Summer Moon Mask (2009)

Mintage 10,000
Canada and US only
$69.95 CAD

Moon of haunting delight

Imagine how this sight must have captivated people in historic times. Throughout the world, the moon was a mystery as it would wax and wane - then disappear completely for a time. What power early civilizations must have bestowed that mysterious otherworld as it grew ever larger and illuminated the night sky.

In North America, First Nations people felt an intimate connection with the moon and sought to capture its symbolism in their ceremonial masks. The Coast Salish people of British Columbia are known throughout the world for the powerful images they carved into wood; expressions of an ancient culture that are emerging as a popular art form today.

Although these masks are created by modern hands, they preserve the vision that was established by the artist's ancestors centuries ago. They are a unique bridge to the spirit world with a sacred power that transcends time - and seen through the eyes of magic.

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