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22-Karat Gold Coin - SS Beaver (2011)

Mintage 2,800
Canada and US only
$1,199.95 CAD
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Full steam ahead!

Leading-edge laser technology creates a stunning black lasered effect for the 7th and final issue in this series.
For hundreds of years, sailing ships ruled the seas, a golden era that ended with the arrival of steam in the 19th century.

This exciting new technology reached Canada’s northwest coast in 1836 in the form of the SS Beaver, a stout, 31 m (101 ft) vessel built in England for the Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC). She was considered to be on the cutting edge, a rare sail-and-steam hybrid that generated a lot of attention.

The Beaver sailed across the Atlantic Ocean, around Cape Horn and up the coast to one of HBC’s furtrading posts where her 4 m (13 ft) steam-powered paddle wheels were installed.

After 27 years as a supply ship, the Beaver began charting the coast for the Royal Navy. She also served as a freighter and towboat. Her illustrious career came to an abrupt end in 1888 when she ran aground in Vancouver Harbour.

Handcrafted artistry combined with the latest minting technology has produced a coin with ultra-crisp definition and relief that is distinguished even more by its unique laser effect. It is struck in 22-karat gold and, with a new reduced mintage, is a collector’s must-have.

Coin design:
The Beaver as she would have appeared in 1836, prior to the many retrofits that marked her career. In the foreground, two workers await her arrival on a supply-laden quay.

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