22-Karat Gold Coin - Petroleum and Oil Trade (2010)

Mintage 4,000
$999.95 CAD

Features leading technology for a stunning black-lasered effect.Oil has been an important commodity since the early days of North American settlement. The first notion it could be harvested from the Canadian landscape emerged when large quantities of bitumen were found in Alberta. In 1858, Canada’s first oil production began at Oil Springs, Ontario.

Innovation in transportation arrived with the railway. A single tank car could deliver large quantities safer and more efficiently than any horse-drawn wagon. Within decades, demand skyrocketed as Canadians embraced the automobile and farm tractor. More than ever, oil was becoming an increasingly significant staple of everyday life—a global reality that has made Canada one of the world’s major oil producers.

Highlights: Handcrafted artistry and cutting-edge techniques have produced ultra-crisp definition and relief for this coin that distinguishes itself even more with its unique laser effect. Struck in 22-karat gold with a mintage of only 4,000 coins worldwide, this sixth issue in the series will be a sought-after acquisition among collectors.

Reverse: An iconic oil plume is the focal point of this montage that includes various elements from turn-of-the-century oil exploration, production, storage and transportation in Canada.

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