5 kg Fine Silver Coin - Emily Carr's Tsatsisnukomi B.C. 1912 - Mintage: 100 (2013)

Mintage 100
$10,500.00 CAD

Second 5 kg 99.99% fine silver coin by the Royal Canadian Mint!

Emily Carr visited aboriginal villages several times in the first decade of the twentieth century and these trips had an immediate artistic resonance for Carr, who is famous for her depictions of native villages and artefacts—many of which have helped to preserve for posterity images of a way of life that was changing. She would spend time throughout the late 1920s travelling to native villages and living among the various First Nations peoples along the Pacific Northwest Coast. Carr's other great lifelong subject was the coastal landscape of the Pacific Northwest. Her objective was to evoke not the literal image of the trees but their spiritual significance to the artist. The result is a mythos of the Pacific wilderness that is uniquely Carr's own.
After a difficult period of relatively little artistic activity following the First World War, Carr came to be recognized by the National Gallery of Canada and the Group of Seven. This support and an exhibition in the National Capital encouraged Carr to a full return to painting. Lawren Harris became an important mentor and lifelong friend. Carr was 57 when her extraordinary body of work finally reached national stature.

Emily Carr is today known as a pioneering and iconic Canadian artist of true genius who overcame physical, social, and psychological restrictions to offer her country one of its first and most original depictions of Western Canada and the depth and beauty of its landscape and aboriginal cultures.

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Special features:
• Seven inches in diameter, your fine silver GST/HST exempt coin features a detail from Emily Carr's masterful totem-themed 1912 painting.
• Your 5-kilogram fine silver coin took two engravers to translate the magic and beauty of Emily Carr's water colour painting onto this massive 7 inch canvas.
• After three weeks of hand sculpting using digital tools, the metal was cut in a 75 hour long process for each side of the coin to create the die. The die was burnished by hand for one week before it was ready to be hardened.
• After hardening the die it was polished for 1 week to create brilliant shiny and frosted areas using the traditional techniques of sandblasting and masking by hand.
• This extremely low mintage product is shipped in spectacular custom packaging complete with a serialized booklet.

On the reverse of your coin, the central image of a mystical bird figure has been engraved at increased depth so that it seems to rise from the coin. Behind this central image, Royal Canadian Mint engravers employed exceptional frosting to capture the beautiful shading and delicate detail from Carr's vivid original. This beautiful frosted background also graces the coin's obverse side, which portrays the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt. The central image is framed by an outer band designed to mimic the cross-sectional grain of a cedar log, a material prominently used in creating totem poles.

Your coin is encased in an acrylic box and—along with a serialized certificate in a book format—presented in an elegant collector's box made of Canadian walnut wood and branded with the Royal Canadian Mint's logo. For secure shipping, the collector's box is placed inside a watertight, crushproof, and dust proof Pelican Case 1550.

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