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50-Cent Lenticular Coin - Sinosauropteryx (2010)

Mintage While Supplies Last
Canada and US only
$24.95 CAD
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The third coin in your exciting new collection!

Click “WATCH VIDEO” to see this coin's special motion effects
The Royal Canadian Mint teams up with the Canadian Museum of Nature one more time to create this new series of must-have dinosaur coins – all to celebrate the Museum’s 100th anniversary and to underscore its status as Canada’s leading natural sciences and natural history museum.

Sinosauropteryx is just one of many amazing dinosaur fossils on display in The Talisman Energy Fossil Gallery – a fierce prehistoric carnivore that will spring to action with a slight tilt of the coin. It’s presented in a full-colour folder that also includes six trading cards that will fascinate and engage amateur dinosaur hunters and enthusiasts alike – a terrific keepsake!

- The third issue in our Dinosaur Exhibit series, using vibrant colour and intriguing lenticular technology for a stunning motion effect. It’s a coin on the move; tilt the coin and watch the dinosaur run off with its captured prey.
- Trading cards feature Panoplosaurus, Chasmosaurus irvinensis, Chasmosaurus russelli, Leptoceratops, Triceratops and Daspletosaurus torosus.

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