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Fine Silver Coin - The Spirit of Haida Gwaii - Mintage: 100 (2012)

Mintage 100
$9,999.95 CAD

First 5-kg 99.99% fine silver coin by the Royal Canadian Mint!

Coin features ‘The Spirit of Haida Gwaii’ design from the masterpiece by Bill Reid, one of Canada’s most accomplished and renowned artists.

Special features:
• GST/HST exempt.
• A FIRST! A 5 kg fine silver (99.99% pure) coin.
• The coin’s massive size (180 mm) is fittingly complemented by the image of Bill Reid’s monumental sculpture.
• Hand polished to perfection, made-to-order with a very limited mintage of 100 worldwide.

The Spirit of Haida Gwaii features a massive Haida canoe filled with thirteen powerful figures drawn primarily from Haida myth. Bill Reid hinted at the universal symbolism of this vessel that seems to contain all of life, where strife and peace, body and spirit are locked in eternal struggle on a journey that moves ever onward to an unknown - and perhaps unknowable - destination.

• Proudly Canadian: the design and the production of this coin, the elegant collector’s box made of Canadian walnut wood, and the certificate in book format accompanying the coin were all developed and made in Canada.
• For secure shipping, the collector’s box is placed inside a watertight, crushproof, and dust proof Pelican Case 1550.

Designed in 5-kg of fine silver, The Spirit of Haida Gwaii, a masterpiece by Bill Reid, one of Canada’s most accomplished artists.

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