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Unlock a wide range of benefits with the Masters Club Loyalty Program

$75 Gold Coloured Series – Monthly payment

Mintage 8,000
Canada and US only
$499.95 CAD
You could earn at least 5,000 points ?

Make equal monthly payments

Start making equal monthly credit card payments of $499.95 CAD until you are caught up with the latest coins (single catch-up payment also available). Or, if you prefer, you can order each coin individually. The choice is yours!

Show your national spirit with nine limited-mintage coins featuring Canadian culture, wildlife and inspiring Olympic themes—in colour!

Each coin in this series is struck in precious 14-karat gold and features a meticulously crafted colour design—the first time we’ve enhanced our gold coins with this effect! And if that wasn’t enough to make each of these coins a highly prized collectible, we’ve also limited the mintages to a very desirable 8,000 coins (each) worldwide.

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