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99999 Gold Coin - Prairie Crocus (2010)

Mintage 1,400
Canada and US only
$2,599.95 CAD

The world's purest gold coin - 13th in the series

This coin is celebrated as the purest gold coin available in the world—a masterpiece of unparalleled 99.999% gold that is crafted to proof perfection. Whether this coin is collected on its own or as the 13th issue in this ongoing collection, its limited low mintage distinguishes it as a limited work of art of the highest order.

Spring’s eagerness is almost palpable on this exquisite coin—the purest gold coin available in the world. This year’s issue features the prairie crocus, Manitoba’s floral emblem adopted in 1906.

The beautiful yet hardy prairie crocus is truly an all-Canadian flower. It starts to bloom the moment days start to lengthen after a long prairie winter, often pushing its blossoms through melting snow. Dots of bluish-purple and light lavender decorate the white landscape while fine hairs on the flowers and leaves provide added protection against sudden drops in temperature.

Coin design:
A cluster of delicate prairie crocuses seemingly poised to soak up the springtime sun.

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