Barn Swallow - Coloured Coin (2011)

Mintage 14,000
$25.95 CAD

Last two issues (Goldfinch & Blue Jay) sold out quickly-order yours today!

This coin’s specimen finish is a very collectible feature that is further enhanced by a richly coloured design; the coin’s larger-than-usual diameter providing plenty of space to capture every detail.

Coin design:
A barn swallow perches on the edge of its cup-shaped nest in front of two fledglings; their hungry mouths wide open, eager for food.

Flitting between field and barn.
There’s nothing like watching a Barn Swallow (Hirundo rustica) in action. Countless birds will swarm over a field, diving and swooping at incredible speeds to feed on insects they catch in mid-air. In fact, this incredibly agile flyer also drinks and bathes in flight—by skimming and dipping over lakes and rivers.

The Barn Swallow is easily identified by its long, forked tail and curved wings; all which are designed for its fast, acrobatic flight. Its blue plumage and cinnamon-coloured throat are best observed when this active bird stops to feed its fledglings in the nest.

The male and female will spend up to fifteen 14-hour days to build their cup-shaped nest of mud, grass, hair and feathers. As the bird’s name suggests, the nest is usually built high up on manmade structures near insect-rich meadows and wetlands. This captivating bird is widespread throughout Canada, disappearing from the fields from September to April when it migrates south.

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