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Circulation Coins and Test Tokens Set - Mintage: 25000 (2012)

Mintage 25,000
Canada and US only
$29.95 CAD
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74% SOLD! Be among the very few to own this unique coin collection!

NEW! A piece of history in the making of the new coins! Your coin set showcases the latest innovations in the Royal Canadian Mint’s ongoing effort to advance the science of coin engineering and manufacturing. The test tokens and circulation coins in your coin set incorporate all-new security features and were struck using the Mint’s world-renowned, multi-ply plated steel technology.

This is a special opportunity for you to own uncirculated test tokens and coins for the new $1 and $2 that feature the Mint’s leading-edge security features.

What is a test token?
The Royal Canadian Mint created these non-circulation test tokens to calibrate coin acceptance equipment in the vending industry. These test tokens incorporate the new security features, such as the laser mark micro-engraving, virtual image, and edge-lettering specific to each type of coin. Approximately one million test tokens of each denomination were produced, which were all sent back to the Mint. Mintage on this coin set is limited to only 25,000 sets worldwide!

Your coin set features uncirculated test tokens adding to the uniqueness of this special coin set.

Special Features:
• A FIRST! Your historic set contains Canada’s new one-dollar and two-dollar coins, as well as the first test tokens created during their development.
• NEW! The test tokens in your set are uncirculated versions of the original tokens distributed throughout the vending industry to calibrate coin acceptance equipment.
• Limited to 25,000 sets worldwide from the 1 million test tokens created!
• Eligible for letter mail shipping ($2.99 Canada only, limit of 3 per letter mail).

• The next generation of one-dollar and two-dollar circulation coins also incorporates new, visible security features which further enhance the security and integrity of Canada's coinage system. The reverse (or tails side) of both coins features a laser mark micro-engraving, and the two-dollar coin also contains a virtual image and edge-lettering.

• Your unique circulation coins and test tokens set is sealed inside a transparent plastic film and presented in a keepsake envelope. A beautiful reminder in the history of Canadian coin design!

Order yours today!

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