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$15 Sterling Silver Coin - King of Hearts (2009)

Mintage 25,000
Canada and US only
$94.95 CAD
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Fourth issue in a fascinating series!

All hail the king! This rectangular coin featuring the King of Hearts is the final issue in this must-have series that opens a rare window on that era. Its single, right-side-up design is an authentic reproduction of playing cards prior to 1870. Few examples survived, making these first-ever rectangular coins important guardians of this captivating history.

In 17th-century New France, everything was in short supply - including coins. In a desperate move to keep his colony working, the governor issued playing cards bearing a written promise to pay what was owed when the next shipment of coins arrived from France.

In 1729, authorities began using plain card stock, which circulated like modern bank notes, until New France fell to the British in 1759—some 75 years after this unique form of money first appeared in 1685.

Unique rectangular coin shape echoes the form and design of 18th-century playing cards. Superb engraving, combined with colour and selective gold plating on the edge of the coin.

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