1/25 oz. Pure Gold 4-coin Set - Mintage: 1250 (2013)

Mintage 1,250
Canada and US only
$519.80 CAD

Highly affordable pure gold coin set!

Special Features:
  •   Limited mintage of 1,250 sets worldwide.
  •   Ideal gift for someone you know who enjoys our 1/25 oz. pure gold coins!
  •   Each coin’s reverse is engraved with the word “CANADA,” the date “2013” and the face value of “50 CENTS.”
  •   Each coin is 99.99% pure gold.
  •   Coins are encapsulated and presented in a Royal Canadian Mint-branded maroon clamshell case lined with flock and protected by a black beauty box.

1/25 oz. Fine Gold Coin - Owl Shaman Holding Goose
This is the 11th issue in this series of intricate 1/25th oz. pure gold coins. Your coin features an intricate reproduction of Joanassie Nowkawalk’s original Owl Shaman Holding Goose sculpture that he carved out of serpentinite in 1962. The word Canada is also depicted on the coin in Inuktitut.

1/25 oz. Pure Gold Coin - 300th Anniversary of Louisbourg
Your coin commemorates one of Canada's most historic landmarks, and will delight gold coin collectors and fans of Canadian military history. Designed by Canadian artist Peter Gough, your coin highlights the historic connection between Louisbourg and the sea. It depicts a cod fish and ship, as well as the Frédéric Gate.

1/25 oz. Pure Gold Coin - Starfish
This coin is certain to be admired by art appreciators, asset accumulators and those with an interest in sea life. Your coin pays tribute to British Columbia's intriguing and beautiful Leather Star starfish. The minute design conveys the textural qualities of the Leather Star's mottled skin, while intricate detailing further portrays one of the brilliant adaptations of such a star fish: the tube feet, capable of detecting prey, that are visible from beneath its curved arms.

1/25 oz. Fine Gold Coin - Bald Eagle
This is the 12th issue in this series of intricate 1/25 oz. pure gold coins. Your coin was designed by Canadian artist Trevor Tennant and features a profile portrait of a Bald Eagle. Presenting the animal from its left side, the portrait features in striking detail the light-coloured head as well as the dark upper wings and body of this majestic raptor. Its sharp hooked beak is open while its small, far-seeing left eye glares authoritatively at the viewer. The varied textures and tones of the eagle’s feathers are captured through expert engraving and finishing.

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