3-coin Allegory Set - Mintage: 1200 (2013)

Mintage 1,200
Canada and US only
$774.85 CAD

Features a stunning iconic rendering of a new Miss Canada allegory for modern-day Canada

Female allegories have long been featured on coinage around the world. Now, a powerful figure from Canada's past is making a comeback: the historic Miss Canada icon. A visual representation of national values and identity who first appeared after Confederation, Miss Canada appeared in everything from political cartoons to political advertising, literature and film. She was originally portrayed as Britannia's youthful and obedient daughter—but as Canada's role and international relationships changed over time, so too did the symbolism associated with this icon. Miss Canada was withdrawn from public use shortly after the Second World War.

Connect with Canada's cultural past: order yours today!

Special Features:
  •   Limited mintage of 1,200 sets worldwide.
  •   All 3 coins feature the same design by Canadian artist Laurie McGaw of a stunning iconic rendering of a new Miss Canada allegory for modern-day Canada.
  •   Coins are encapsulated and presented in a red lacquered wooden box and black beauty box.
  •   Each coin showcases different coin finishes, each with a separate degree of luster for a striking appearance.
      •   Bronze Coin - Canada: An Allegory (95% copper; 5% zinc and
          $3 denomination)
      •   1 oz. Fine Silver Coin - Canada: An Allegory (99.99% pure silver and
          $25 denomination)
      •   1/4 oz. Pure Gold Coin - Canada: An Allegory (99.99% pure gold and
          $25 denomination)

Seated on the “throne” of the Canadian Shield, Miss Canada is classically dressed, sporting a crown of maple leaves, her right hand open in a welcoming gesture, and holding a staff in her left. The landscape surrounding Miss Canada demonstrates our country’s robust natural variety—including vast mountains, a pure glacial river, large waterway and a wild forested shoreline. An eagle flies overhead the image of a jumping fish. The base of the image is decorated with a garland composed of more than 25 species of Canadian leaves. The reverse is engraved with the word “CANADA,” the date “2013” and the face value.

Rich in symbolism and meaning, this set is a wonderful gift to commemorate Canada Day, new citizenship, and other important events. It makes a stunning addition to any collection featuring Canadian heritage, history, classical coin design, natural imagery or Canadiana.

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