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Specimen Set - Ferruginous Hawk (2014)

Mintage 50,000
Canada and US only
$49.95 CAD
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An affordable set—a hit with nature lovers!

Masterful engraving in your $1 coin captures the hawk’s characteristics in exquisite detail, from its spotted plumage to its facial features and sharp talons. This right side profile allows for an excellent view of the bird’s majestic wings as it slows its descent and stretches out its feather-covered legs in preparation for a landing. Below it, fine blades of grass rise up from the edge—a reminder of the hawk’s preferred grassland habitat.

Any bird watcher or nature lover will adore this set featuring North America's largest hawk! Order yours today!

Special features:
  •   As with all Canadian “loonies,” your unique coin—only found in this set—features an 11-sided shape and raised edging.
  •   Mintage is limited to 50,000 sets worldwide.
  •   Your specimen coin set is only one of two annual opportunities for you to own a complete specimen set.
  •   Exceptional packaging includes removable lens to enhance your enjoyment of the set.
  •   The finish on your coins combines brilliant and frosted relief over a lined background. No other mint in the world offers coins with this kind of finish.

Designed by Canadian artist Trevor Tennant, your $1 coin depicts a large ferruginous hawk in flight.

Your specimen set comes in elegant book-style packaging, with removable lens, that complements your beautiful coins.

Order your specimen set today!

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