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Silver Dollar Specimen Set - 100th Anniversary of the Canadian Arctic Expedition (2013)

Mintage 20,000
Canada and US only
$99.95 CAD
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First Silver Dollar in a Specimen Set! Order today!

The Canadian Arctic Expedition was an important event in the exploration of the Canadian Arctic, helping to map the extent of Canada’s Arctic territory, preserve Canada’s sovereignty in the region, and uncover important research about the people, flora, fauna, and geology of the region. The year 2013 marks the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Arctic Expedition.

Order yours today!

Special features
•  First Silver Dollar in a Specimen Set!
•  Your Specimen Silver Dollar is certified to be 99.99% pure silver.
•  The specimen finish is a three-fold combination of brilliant and frosted relief on a lined finish background; a finish unique to the Royal Canadian Mint.
•  Each coin in this set has been individually inspected to ensure that it meets the exacting standards of the Royal Canadian Mint.
•  Your Specimen Set celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Arctic Expedition with a coin whose artistry draws on the rich legacy of imagery from the historic exploration of the Canadian Arctic.
•  Limited to 20,000 coins worldwide.

Your Specimen Silver Dollar was designed by Canadian artist Bonnie Ross and portrays several significant elements from the Canadian Arctic Expedition. In the foreground, the image draws on the abundant photography from the Expedition to present a portrait of three men standing beside a dogsled packed with gear. Harnessed to the sled, the waiting dog team is watches and listens for the command to move on across the Arctic tundra. Above the mountainous skyline on the distant horizon, a stylized image of a compass pointed 10 degrees east of true North fills the background.

Your specimen set comes in a CD lens concept with maroon outer cover and custom beauty box.

Order yours today!

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