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Everyday Canada - The Maple Leaf Tartan (2013)

Mintage While Supplies Last
Canada and US only
$14.95 CAD
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Includes a 50-cent coin and swatch of Maple Leaf tartan!

A 50-cent piece was the very first coin to be struck at the opening of the Ottawa Branch of Britain’s Royal Mint by Governor General Earl Grey in 1908. In 1931, the Mint became a Government of Canada institution and was renamed the Royal Canadian Mint. With the exception of the centennial year of confederation, the 50-cent coin has featured the arms of Canada on the reverse since 1937. The official arms of Canada depict several symbolic images of Canada’s heritage and are an official symbol of the sovereignty of the Government of Canada. The two inscriptions A Mari usque ad Mare and Desiderantes Meliorem Patriam, translate to “From sea to sea” and “They desire a better country,” respectively.

The fabric in your set is "The Maple Leaf Tartan", Canada's official tartan pattern. Created by David Weiser in anticipation of Canada’s Centennial celebrations in 1967, the green, gold, red and brown stripes represent the maple leaf’s varied colours through the ever-changing Canadian seasons.

A unique gift or keepsake, commemorating two of Canada’s iconic official symbols, packaged in a beautifully designed card. Order yours today!

Special features:
• Your limited-edition set features two of Canada’s iconic national symbols: a 2013 50-cent coin and a swatch of the Maple Leaf Tartan!
• Also includes information on the history of the Canadian 50-cent coin, as well as the history of the Maple Leaf Tartan. Did you know that April 6th is Tartan Day in Canada?

About the Design:
• Your special limited edition set features an uncirculated 2013 50-cent piece and a swatch of Canada’s Official National Tartan, the Maple Leaf Tartan. The Maple Leaf tartan is comprised of colours symbolizing the changing colours of the maple leaf through the seasons.
• Your coin is set in a blister in the inside panel of the card. The fabric is also secured in a die cut in the inside panel.

While April 6 is officially Tartan Day in Canada, the Maple Leaf Tartan can be worn anytime as a reflection of national pride or heritage.

Order yours today!

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