Fine Gold Kilo Coin – Early Canada (2007)

Mintage 20
Canada and US only
$36,000.00 CAD

Canada’s historic beginnings and a historic mintage!

Never before has the Royal Canadian Mint issued coins containing one kilogram (2.2 lb) of 99.99% pure gold—a historic weight and incredibly low worldwide mintage of 20 coins!

Along with the Fine Silver Kilo Coin, these unprecedented coins feature two designs that portray the story of Early Canada (2007) and Towards Confederation (2008), each masterpiece executed in both of these fine metals.

This coin depicts Canada’s diverse Native heritage surrounded by a wreath of maple leaves, the internationally renowned symbol of Canada.

Only an incredible 20 Fine Gold Kilo coins will be available worldwide

The story behind the design of this masterpiece

Canada’s diverse and abundant wildlife play the central role in the coin’s design: a grizzly bear with a salmon in its mouth to represent the west coast, a plains bison for the prairies, a moose and a beaver for the central and eastern regions and a wolf and caribou for the north.

The First Peoples are represented in this design, both as individuals and through their distinctive building forms which were influenced by the geography, climate and the available building materials: the totem pole is found on the left side of the coin and represents the West Coast, the tipi is placed centrally in the design to represent the prairies, the wigwam is placed to the right side of the coin to represent Eastern Canada, and the inukshuk of the North is placed near the top of the design.

This coin design also displays Canada’s rugged geography. The left side of the coin represents the West Coast with both ocean and mountains, while centrally the design conveys both Prairies and inland waters. To the right side of the coin is the rugged East Coast Ocean, which then transforms into the barren lands of the North.

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