Fine Silver 1 Kilogram Coin - Battle of Châteauguay - Mintage: 500 (2013)

Mintage 500
$2,249.95 CAD

Faithfully reproduces Henri Julien’s Bataille de Chậteauguay illustration

Two of Canada’s proudest moments from the War of 1812 were the battles of Châteauguay and Crysler’s Farm. Dubbed “The Hero of Châteauguay”, Lieutenant Colonel Charles-Michel de Salaberry was a distinguished British Army commander who vaulted into history at the Battle of Châteauguay in October 1813, when he and his outnumbered Voltigeurs forced thousands of American forces attempting to capture the city of Montréal to retreat. This was the first of several victories that prevented American plans to take Montréal.

Your 1 kilo 99.99% pure silver coin is a stunning tribute to the bicentennial anniversary of the War of 1812. With only 500 of these coins available worldwide, ensure you order yours today!

Special features
•  Crafted in 1 kilo of 99.99% pure silver—an internationally renowned numismatic achievement!
•  Exquisite detail faithfully reproduces Henri Julien’s Bataille de Chậteauguay.
•  GST/HST exempt.
•  Only 500 available—order yours today!

Your coin is a faithful reproduction of Canadian artist Henri Julien’s famous illustration, Bataille de Châteauguay. It details a compelling portrayal of de Salaberry rallying his diverse and united troops at the start of the battle.

Your coin is encapsulated and presented in a custom maple box lined with flock and protected by a custom beauty box.

This silver coin reigns as an internationally renowned numismatic achievement!
With only 500 available worldwide, order yours today!

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