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Fine Silver 1 kilogram Coin - Maple Leaf Forever - Mintage: 600 (2013)

Mintage 600
$2,299.95 CAD

A MINT FIRST: Your silver kilogram coin features selective gold plating!

Canada is home to ten maple species, including the Douglas Maple and Sugar Maple. Both species have been a crucial source throughout Canadian history for building implements like snowshoes, fishing tools and bows; and for creating some of the world’s finest maple syrup.

Your beautiful fine silver 1 kilogram coin appeals to traditional and fine silver collectors. With a very limited mintage of only 600, ensure you order yours today!

Special features
• NEW! First silver kilogram coin to feature selective gold plating.
• Your coin is rendered in 99.99% fine silver and is GST/HST exempt.
• Very limited mintage of only 600—order yours today!

Your coin was designed by Canadian artist Emily Damstra and depicts the iconic Douglas Maple leaf overlapping a Sugar Maple leaf enhanced with selective gold plating. The reverse also features the words “CANADA” and “FINE SILVER 1 kg ARGENT PUR.”

Your coin is presented in a handsome Canadian maple wood box lined with black flock and protected by a customized sleeve.

This is an exceptional and stunning addition to your coin collection.

Order your coin today!

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