Fine Silver Coin - September Birthstone (Sapphire) 2011

Mintage While Supplies Last
$64.95 CAD

Birthstone: the sapphire for wisdom and calmness

This exciting new series of pure silver coins provides the perfect setting to showcase gem MADE WITH SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS—one for every birthstone of the year. Each coin is a unique keepsake to celebrate a person’s individuality, crafted in the Mint’s world-renowned tradition of excellence.

Coin design:
A Swarovski element glitters from a whirl of flower petals.

A personalized treasure that celebrates you.
From ancient Babylon to early Japan, gemstones have been cherished for their stunning beauty and special qualities. Cultures everywhere believed crystals had the power to influence events; to protect or heal; to bring love, luck or prosperity.

No wonder kings and queens adorned their crowns with jewels while emperors and nobles put their special rank on display by incorporating gemstones into everything from jewellery to clothing and eating utensils.

Centuries ago, astrologers began relating gemstones to specific zodiacs citing that a stone’s powers were heightened during that time. The daily practice of wearing the gemstone associated with one’s birth month emerged in 18th-century Poland; a concept that remains a source of great fascination to this day!

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