Fine Silver Coin - The Seven Sacred Teachings: Courage - Mintage: 7,000 (2014)

Mintage 7,000
Canada and US only
$109.95 CAD

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The bear is one of seven animals featured in the Seven Sacred Teachings practiced by Aboriginal people throughout North America for living a full and happy life. The bear's lesson is courage; the ability to overcome fear, to fight for what is right, and knowing when it is best to yield. When we face difficult challenges, the bear will support us and guide us towards the wisdom and strength of our inner warrior.

There is a time for everything; a time to yield and a time to fight. The bear teaches this well when it sets aside its shy and solitary nature to reveal its inner strength. A mother bear defending her cubs is unstoppable; she is ferocious and will fight to the end. She does this because she knows it is right. It takes courage to stand up despite the fear. Such strength is not only physical, but mental and moral as well. Every person faces challenges that need the support and guidance of the courageous bear.

Your coin is the perfect gift for anyone with an interest in First Nations art, culture and history. Order yours today!

Special features:

•   Your coin is the third coin in this new and exciting series celebrating the Seven Sacred Teachings of love, respect, courage, honesty, wisdom, humility and truth practiced by First Nations people across Canada. It's an outstanding collection of Aboriginal wisdom and art.
•   Your coin features an original design by Metis artist Nathalie Bertin, inspired by the woodland style of her Algonquin ancestry.
•   The powerful image on your coin conveys the essence of true courage; the strength to overcome fear, and the mental fortitude to use physical force only when necessary.
•   Your coin is stunningly crafted in 99.99% pure silver and accented with selective gold plating by the Mint's expert engravers.
•   Your coin is GST/HST exempt with a limited worldwide mintage.

Your coin was designed by Canadian Métis artist Nathalie Bertin who has created a powerful image of a great bear standing behind an abstract warrior figure. The bear's head is lowered because there is no need for an outward display of strength; everyone knows the bear's power. The bear is the warrior's mentor and guide; a source of wisdom and courage to fight when necessary. The background pattern of sweetgrass reinforces the bear's teachings. Sweetgrass is considered the hair of Mother Earth and is therefore braided.


Your coin is encapsulated and presented in a Royal Canadian Mint-branded maroon clamshell with custom beauty box.

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