Gold and Silver Piedfort Maple Leaf Coin Set (2010)

Mintage 3,000
$679.95 CAD

Thicker and heavier than the standard 1/2 oz coins!

Coins of substance.
Piedfort coins, whose name comes from the French for ‘heavy measure", originated in medieval Europe. Coin-makers deliberately made their die templates thick and heavy to ensure they would not be confused with regular coins.

This added weight and substance caught the eyes of kings and nobles and soon piedforts were being displayed in the lavish courts of Europe as enviable symbols of wealth and power—a fascinating history that has been crafted into these exceptionally thick and heavy pure gold and silver coins.

These coins maintain the same purity standard established by our Gold and Silver Maple Leaf Coins with the added piedfort thickness of 2.0 mm (gold) and 3.84 mm (silver).

Coin designs:
A maple leaf inspired by the logo of the world-renowned Maple Leaf Coins

Limited to 3,000 gold coins and 9,000 silver coins worldwide.

*NOTE: Traditionally, a piedfort is a piece struck of a planchet that is thicker than normal; piedforts are typically twice the thickness of a regular coin. In this case, our 2010 Silver Maple Leaf piedfort is the same diameter as a half-ounce SML but contains double the amount of pure silver, making it significantly thicker, which is typical of the piedfort style.

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