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Gold Classic Chinese Zodiac 12-Year Subscription Series (2010-2021)

Mintage 2,500
$2,066.64 CAD  per coin
You could earn at least 20,670 points ?

Subscribe now to get the Tiger and Rabbit while each coin will come during the autumn preceding the animal year

After a 12-year run for the Mint’s first series of silver Chinese zodiac coins, the enduring popularity of this theme inspired this classic series featuring a stunning design for each animal. Struck in 18K gold with a proof finish.

You’ll be proud to showcase your growing collection with this beautiful Asian-inspired display case. Its hardwood exterior features a high-gloss finish and silk-screened paper. The interior has a gloss finish in Chinese red with a silver design and includes a wooden insert designed to accommodate all 12 coins in this series. (Allow 8-12 weeks for delivery.)

In the West, New Year is driven by the calendar and always falls on January 1st. The Chinese New Year is different. It’s determined by the lunar calendar that was introduced by Emperor Huang Ti in 2637 BC to identify the first day of spring, a critical time for agriculture. This is why the Chinese New Year is also referred to as the Spring Festival.

The Spring Festival is celebrated roughly 45 days after the winter solstice. It occurs on the first new moon after the inception of spring; the midpoint between the winter solstice (December 21 or 22) and the spring equinox (March 20 or 21). This results in a year-to-year variation that means the Year of the Rabbit actually begins on February 3, 2011.

2011 is ruled by the Rabbit.
The Rabbit is considered very fortunate—a gracious character that would appreciate receiving either of these beautiful coins as a gift.

* Shipping and handling charges will apply to the collector case and individual coins. Subscription by credit card only. Your credit card will be charged as each coin is shipped during the autumn preceding the animal year. You can cancel your subscription at any time with no obligation. The collector case will be yours to keep with our compliments. Subscription price for individual coins is subject to change.

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