Gold Coin - New Brunswick Coat of Arms (2010)

Mintage 500
Canada and US only
$2,429.95 CAD

Sixth issue in this series of bi-annual coins.

Designing a nation’s character.
The Coat of Arms for New Brunswick evolved over the course of more than a century. On May 26, 1868, Queen Victoria first assigned the Provincial Shield featuring a gold lion on a red background with an ancient galley below to represent the province’s shipbuilding and maritime history. The crest and motto followed in 1966 by Order of the Lieutenant Governor in Council. The motto, Spem Reduxit was inspired by the province’s great seal. It means “hope restored,” in reference to New Brunswick’s role as a refuge for United Empire Loyalists.

Other features followed on the province’s bicentennial on September 24, 1984 and were assigned by Royal Warrant of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II .

Every detail of New Brunswick’s Coat of Arms has been faithfully reproduced in 14-karat gold to provide a unique portrait of one of Canada’s maritime provinces, made all the more collectible with its extremely low limited mintage.

Coin design:
New Brunswick’s official Coat of Arms incorporating the Provincial Shield assigned by Queen Victoria in 1868; the crest and motto of 1966; and the final augmentations that were adopted on the province’s bicentennial in 1984.

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