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Gold Maple Leaf Set - 5th Anniversary of the Million Dollar Coin (2012)

Mintage 750
Canada and US only
$3,999.95 CAD

The world’s first million-dollar coin celebrates its fifth anniversary!

This rare set features 5 Gold coins in one-ounce and fractional denominations.
•   The Royal Canadian Mint’s world-renowned purity standard of 99.999% (on the one-ounce coin) and 99.99% (on the fractional coins) brings exclusivity and prestige to the set.
•   Set features Royal Canadian Mint engraver Stan Witten’s stunning three-leaf design from the original million-dollar coin.
•   Set celebrates the allure and the incredible story of the record-breaking original.
•   This piece of Canadiana is highlighted by a custom maple-wood collector box.

In 2007, the Mint released an extremely limited number of the largest legal tender coins in the world: a 220-pound (100-kilogram) gold bullion piece with a face value of one million Canadian dollars. Certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s largest gold coin, the amazing million-dollar pieces are composed of 99.999% pure gold.

To date, five of these exceptional coins have been sold. This exclusive fractional set carries with it the allure and incredible story of the record-breaking original.

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