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Gold Plated Navy Centennial Coin and Stamp Set (2010)

Mintage 20,000
Canada and US only
$39.95 CAD
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A unique keepsake to commemorate our Navy's 100 years

In honour of the Canadian Navy’s centennial, the Mint is proud to offer this commemorative set. In it, you will find a booklet telling the story of Canada’s naval exploits, a gold-plated coin, and a souvenir sheet celebrating the Canadian Navy’s first century at sea.

“Ready Aye Ready:”A Century of Ingenuity in the Face of Crisis
Within hours of a massive earthquake ravaging Haiti in January 2010, the Canadian Navy’s HMCS Halifax and HMCS Athabaskan raced to provide humanitarian aid. They remained on station for two months aiding and enabling humanitarian efforts. The Canadian Navy’s swift response to Haiti’s unexpected disaster was a fitting representation of a century of rapid responses to crises. Since its beginning, Canada’s Navy has, over and over, successfully adapted to meet the numerous challenges thrown in its path.

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