Limited Edition Proof Silver Dollar - Poppy (2010)

Mintage 5,000
5 per order
5 per household
$139.95 CAD

A touching tribute to members of Canada's military and peacekeeping forces.

A historic keepsake issued on the passing of the last known veteran of the First World War. Coin features selective red enamelling to highlight the poppy, Canada’s poignant symbol of remembrance.

Coin design:
A sea of poppies, one enamelled in vibrant colour to represent the individual saga lived by each veteran of war; one of countless stories played out in conflicts around the world—past, present and future.

Lest we forget.
Every poppy worn on coats and hats during the waning, grey days of November is symbolic of a life touched by war; the countless men and women who stepped forward to serve the cause of peace and freedom.

They witnessed the worst and the best of humanity; served with selfless bravery; countless acts that fell with their heroes never to be told. And those who did return, part of them remained lost forever.

Though veterans stand proud during tributes of remembrance, their tears fall fresh as yesterday. And, as 2010 claims Canada’s last known veteran of the First World War, those of us who enjoy the liberties bequeathed by his generations’ sacrifice, pay tribute to their legacy.

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