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Barn Owl - Coloured Coin (2013)

Mintage 17,500
Canada and US only
$29.95 CAD
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12th coin in our popular Birds of Canada series! Order today!

Unlike other birds of prey, the Barn Owl does not hoot; instead, it makes a variety of odd sounds that include screams, screeches, and hisses. It is an adaptable bird that prefers to nest in tree cavities, holes in rock faces, and abandoned buildings but will also nest in attics, silos, and other occupied structures. The Barn Owl's appearance is striking. Its body is adorned with beautiful golden back, wing, and tail feathers. It has long legs, sharp talons, and a broad wingspan of up to one metre. Its otherworldly white, disc-shaped face is punctuated by two dark forward-looking eyes and a small beak.

Specialized serrations on its wing feathers allow owls to fly with preternatural silence. This nocturnal carnivore hunts from above, silently swooping down to capture its prey with its talons. Its exceptional low-light vision is ideally suited to its evening and night-time hunting habits, but it is the Barn Owl's hearing that is truly exceptional, allowing the owl to precisely locate and capture prey in absolute darkness using only its hearing.

A beautiful gift for people who love birds, natural imagery, exquisite natural artwork, and Canadian themes. Order yours today!

Special features
•  Your coin is the 12th in our highly sought after Birds of Canada series.
•  Colour combined with this coin's specimen finish creates a unique keepsake for you or a loved one.
•  Birds are a popular theme that come alive in vibrant colour on this extra-large 25-cent coin. It measures a full 35 mm across its diameter - plenty of space to showcase its endearing detailed design.
•  Limited to 17,500 coins worldwide.

Your coin was designed by Canadian artist Trevor Tennant and features a painted barn owl in full flight, viewed from its left side as it flaps its broad white and gold wings, perhaps readying itself to swoop in silence on its unsuspecting prey. The owl's left profile is rendered to stunning effect, with the side of its distinctive oval face, snubbed beak and small, piercing black eye beautifully portrayed against the sunset. Its long legs and sharp talons are held aloft below its short, square tail feathers. In the background is a wire fenced field of tall grasses flanked, in the far background, by an abandoned barn—one of the barn owl's preferred nesting spots. The pinkish sky of sunset meets the field on the horizon.

Your coin is encapsulated and presented in a Royal Canadian Mint branded maroon clamshell case lined with black flock and protected by a black sleeve.

Order yours today!

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