1 oz Fine Silver Coin - The Bald Eagle: Returning From the Hunt - Mintage: 7500 (2013)

Mintage 7,500
Canada and US only
1 per household
$99.95 CAD

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When it comes to hunting, the bald eagle’s most important assets are its eyes, its talons, and its exceptional diving speed. Eagle vision is about six times stronger than that of humans. In addition, transparent nictitating membranes on their eyes allow eagles to “blink” without losing sight of prey for even a moment. The eagle’s claws are its key tool for hunting, nest building and more. Composed of three front toes and one back toe, all tipped with long keratinous talons, its claws are connected to tendons in the eagle’s legs and feet that allow it to clamp down on captured prey with crushing force. Once the hunter has spotted the day’s catch, it will dive at speeds in excess of 120 kilometres per hour, snatching its prey from the water or ground with lightning speed. The eagle later uses a claw to hold its catch while tearing at it with its sharp curved beak to eat.

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Special features
  •  Your coin is the third release in the Royal Canadian Mint’s exciting new four-part series of 1-ounce fine silver coins featuring the iconic bald eagle as seen from four different perspectives.
  •  4 different finishes are used in your coin to highlight this iconic bird in flight. From the naturally bright cloud to a softer matte on the head, tail, and claws, each detail of the image was carefully polished to bring this iconic figure to life.
  •  Your coin is rendered in 99.99% fine silver and is GST/HST exempt.
  •  Low mintage of only 7,500 coins.

Your coin features a majestic bald eagle, with wings extended to the full span, about to land on the branch of a pine tree. In its powerful left claw, the eagle clutches a freshly caught fish. Its right claw is fully extended to grasp the branch. The eagle is viewed in profile from its left side, the details of its impressive wings, distinctive snowy head and tail rendered in fine detail by Royal Canadian Mint engravers and accented with multiple finishes. The frosted head and tail contrast the darker feathers on the body and wings, and define the iconic eagle silhouette against the mirror polished background. The tree and fish have also been given a softer finish that brings the tree forward and adds depth to the overall design. Your coin also features unique edge lettering, with the words “FINE SILVER 1 OZ ARGENT PUR 1 OZ” engraved around the edge of the coin.

Your coin comes in a custom beauty box that features a full-colour image of the reverse design by Canadian nature artist Claudio D’Angelo.

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