1 oz. Fine Platinum Coin - Fighting Bison - Mintage: 200 (2014)

Mintage 200
Canada and US only
$2,999.95 CAD

The plains bison: a symbol of strength and determination.

From the time of the Ice Age until the late 1800s, the magnificent plains bison (Bison bison) reigned as the dominant land-grazing animal throughout Canada’s grassland regions, from Southern Manitoba to Alberta. Moving across the landscape in large, free-roaming herds, their numbers and impressive physical attributes contributed to their widely-held reputation as a symbol of strength.

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Special features:
  •   Your finely detailed coin captures an impressive show of strength between two plains bisons, North America’s largest land-grazing animals.
  •   Your coin is a unique keepsake that celebrates Canada’s fauna and a species that shaped the history of the Prairies region of Canada.
  •   Your coin is a striking addition to any Canadiana or animal-themed collection.
  •   GST/HST exempt with a limited mintage of 200 worldwide.

Designed by Canadian artist Claudio D’Angelo, your coin captures a fierce struggle between two plains bisons during the mating season. The raw display of strength between these animals is the focal point of the coin design. As they clash over their choice of mate, the two rival bulls charge at each other with lowered heads, ready to butt both heads and horns. Their hooves paw at the ground, kicking up clouds of dust that swirl around them in the tension-filled air, until one suitor emerges victorious from the confrontation.

Your coin is encapsulated and presented in a Royal Canadian Mint-branded maroon clamshell case lined with flock and protected by a custom sleeve.

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