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50-Cent Holiday Toy Train Coin (2009)

Mintage While Supplies Last
$25.95 CAD
You could earn at least 260 points ?

Unique coloured motion-filled effect makes the train move!

Toy trains have long been a part of Holiday celebrations. Some believe it all began when regular passenger rail service became available in North America. Imagine how people of that bygone era must have marvelled at these extraordinary machines that could whisk them off to unknown places like magic. Before long, miniature toy versions were being proudly displayed beneath Christmas trees.

Today, toy trains continue to inspire a sense of wonder and romance—a fascination that has been given an original touch of innovation with this coin’s gorgeous colour and unique motion-filled effect.

Highlights: Our third Holiday coin featuring vibrant colour and intriguing lenticular technology creates a captivating sense of motion when the coin is tilted. Its brass-plated steel composition is rarely used for commemorative coins and provides a golden hue that greatly enhances the festive nature of its theme.

Reverse: A toy train emerges from beneath a beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

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