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Fine Silver Coin - Rhododendron Crystal Dew Drop (2012)

Mintage 10,000
Canada and US only
$119.95 CAD
You could earn at least 1,200 points ?

Previous coins in this colourful series sold out!

The Pacific Rhododendron is from the Pacific Coast and can be enjoyed in gardens across much of Canada thanks to modern horticulturists. Named for "rose" and "tree" in Ancient Greek, this flower design is stunning with three MADE WITH SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS.

If you already own the previous coins in this beautiful series or want to begin with this one, then this is the ideal coin to add to your collection!

Special features:
• Your coin has a limited mintage, gorgeous Swarovski® crystals and colour features, and a beautiful artistic rendering of the Pacific Rhododendron. Your friends will admire and appreciate this popular coin!
• Third coin in the Mint’s wildflower series.
• Crafted in fine silver (99.99% pure).
• GST/HST exempt.
• Limited to 10,000 coins worldwide.

Your coin was designed by Claudio D’Angelo and is the third coin in the wildflower series that features a stunning image of two Pacific Rhododendron blooms and a third blossom just beginning to open. Three glittering Swarovski® "dew drops" nestle among the petals and leaves adding to the uniqueness of your coin.

• At no additional cost to you, your coin comes encapsulated and presented in a maroon flock-lined clamshell case.
• Your coin is protected by a black sleeve and accompanied by a serialized certificate - your proof of ownership for this coin and evidence that your coin has been individually inspected by our resident quality assurance specialists.

Order yours today!

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