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Fine Silver Coin - Devil’s Brigade (2013)

Mintage 20,000
Canada and US only
$59.95 CAD
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Fine silver coin celebrates military pride for Canada and the U.S.!

During World War II, Canada joined forces with the United States to create the First Special Service Force—the first and only time both nations would be seamlessly combined in training, equipment and uniform. Although it was only operational for two years, this elite combat unit demonstrated the power of united national forces against a common foe—and consequently became the forerunner to distinguished Canadian and U.S. units including Canada's Joint-Task-Force 2 and the United States' Navy Seals, Delta Force and Green Berets.

Your fine silver coin celebrates a unique source of military pride for Canada and the U.S. Don't delay: order yours today!

Special features
•  Your 99.99% pure silver coin commemorates the First Special Service Force from World War II.
•  Your coin is a replica of the recently released bullion design from the Royal Canadian Mint.
•  Your coin is designed using a frosted finish on a mirror-like background.
•  Mintage of 20,000 worldwide.
•  HST and GST exempt.

Your coin features a stylized star and maple leaf, layered with the FSSF (First Special Service Force) shoulder patch that united Canada and the U.S. in joint missions. The patch features the names of both nations. Below the central image is an arrowhead shape, interpreted to symbolize the warrior spirit of the FSSF. The reverse also features the name "FIRST SPECIAL SERVICE FORCE" and "PREMIÈRE FORCE DE SERVICE SPÉCIAL," the date "2013" and the face value of "5 DOLLARS."

Your coin is encapsulated and presented in a Royal Canadian Mint-branded maroon clamshell case lined with flock and protected by a black sleeve.

This premium numismatic coin is perfect for anyone who has ever admired military achievements demanding physical and mental discipline, collaboration and speed and precision.

Order your coin today!

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