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Sterling Silver Gold Plated Coin - Barn Owl (2010)

Mintage 15,000
Canada and US only
$59.95 CAD
You could earn at least 600 points ?

FIRST issue in this new 4-coin series featuring Canada's wildlife species.

Keeper of the field.
There are countless myths and legends about the barn owl, inspired by its nighttime activities and its unusual black eyes and markings that give its face a haunting expression.

For centuries, the barn owl (Tyto alba) inhabited Europe’s barns and church steeples to feed on the mice that lived there. And when settlers began clearing fields in North America, it was quick to take advantage of the new habitat that was being created in southern British Columbia and southern Ontario—an ecological, environmentally-friendly form of pest control for Canada’s early farmers.

The first coin in this exciting four-coin series sets itself apart with its uncommon square shape. Gold plating on silver brings an upscale enhancement to this must-have limited-edition coin.

Coin design:
A stylized portrait of the barn owl highlighting its unusual facial features with the moon and wooden beams in the background.

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