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Gold Coin - Crystal Snowflake (2010)

Mintage 750
Canada and US only
$2,599.95 CAD

Genuine Swarovski Elements and extremely low mintage— a must-have for numismatists and the perfect gift for that special someone!

The crystalline effect of snow shimmers on this gorgeous 14-karat gold coin that has been crafted with a proof finish to heighten the effect. With an exclusive mintage of just 750 coins worldwide, this coin will be sought after by collectors worldwide.

Coin design:
A six-sided dendrite ice crystal overlaid with Swarovski Elements.

Sculptures from the sky.
Canada is best known for its snow. That great blanket of white that covers the landscape is famous around the world!

Its tiny ice crystals come in countless shapes and sizes. If the weather is very cold, the snowflakes will fall as “dry” powder. Or, they may form slender columns that look like tiny wooden pencils under a microscope. But, snowflake seekers can be treated to the iconic star shape that can be seen when the conditions are just right. Windless conditions and -15°C (5°F) temperatures mean every ice crystal can grow large and drift gently earthward without hitting any other crystals to form its sixsided shape.

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