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14-Karat Gold Coin - Nunavut Coat of Arms - Mintage: 500 (2012)

Mintage 500
Canada and US only
$2,649.95 CAD
You could earn at least 26,500 points ?

10th issue in this bi-annual series. Continue collecting this beautiful series!

Nunavut means “Our Land” in Inuktitut and the dominant colours of gold and blue represent the richness of the land, sea and sky. The round shield contains an inukshuk, a stone monument that has guided people and marked important places for millennia. To the left is a qulliq; a stone lamp that provides essential light and warmth and embodies a sense of community. Above is a concave arc of circles representing the unique solar cycle of the Arctic in tribute to the life-giving properties of the sun. Also prominent is the North Star, an unwavering navigational guide that remains as steadfast today as Nunavut’s elders.

Don’t forget to add this beautiful Canadian provincial Coat of Arms coin to your collection!

Special features:
• Your coin includes an exceptional reproduction of the Coat of Arms of Nunavut.
• 10th coin in a series!
• Your coin is struck in 14-karat gold and limited to only 500 coins worldwide.

The Coat of Arms for Nunavut is Canada’s youngest Arms granted to its youngest territory by Governor General Roméo LeBlanc in 1999. It was created by Inuit artist Andrew Qappik in partnership with the Canadian Heraldic Authority and the elders and leaders of Nunavut to create a distinct blend of ancient Inuit symbolism and European heraldic tradition. Resting upon the shield is an iglu which was essential to survival and represents the traditional way of Inuit life and the modern gathering of legislative members. The territory’s status in Confederation is symbolized by the Royal Crown above. Holding the shield are a tuktu (caribou) and quilalugaq tuugaalik (narwhal), important wildlife that sustain the people. The motto is written in Inuktitut, which reads “Nunavut Sanginivut” (Nunavut our strength).

• At no additional cost to you, your coin comes encapsulated and presented in a maroon flock-lined clamshell case.
• Your coin is protected by a black sleeve and accompanied by a serialized certificate – your proof of ownership for this low mintage coin and evidence that your coin has been individually inspected by our resident quality assurance specialists.

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