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Pure Gold Coin - Samuel de Champlain - Mintage: 2,000 (2014)

Mintage 2,000
Canada and US only
$1,199.95 CAD
You could earn at least 12,000 points ?

Third coin in our popular Great Explorers series!

Get your very own limited mintage Samuel de Champlain 99.99% pure gold coin, featuring the famous explorer in a full-length portrait.

  •   Third coin in the Great Explorers Series that heralds Canada’s 150th anniversary in 2017
  •   Certified 99.99% pure gold
  •   Very limited mintage – only 2,000 worldwide
  •   Beautiful, memorable design depicts Champlain in a full-body profile at a key moment in his exploration of Canada
  •   Engraved with stunning detail, the textures of the bark and wood ribbing on the canoe are further accented by the use of multiple finishes
  •   Design also highlights the fundamental role of Aboriginal people in Canada in the country's history and origins
  •   GST/HST exempt

ABOUT SAMUEL DE CHAMPLAIN – The Father of New France
Born the sun of a sea captain on France's western shore, Samuel de Champlain became a renowned explorer, navigator, cartographer and administrator.

In 1603, he was charged with mapping the New World and finding a western route to the Orient. Building upon Jacques Cartier's achievements from 1535, Champlain made the first attempts at permanent settlement and, in 1608, he built a habitation that eventually became Québec City.

From 1608 to 1616, Champlain deepened trading relations with First Nations people. As he began to explore the western interior with Aboriginal guides, his quest for new territory was slowed by demands for permanent settlement and by his growing role as Lieutenant General of New France.

By the time of Champlain's death in 1635, the first Québécois settlers were beginning to arrive.

Though there is no known confirmed portrait of Champlain, the coin image presents him as he is frequently portrayed in artistic depictions: with long dark hair, long moustache and trimmed beard, sporting a feathered cap, jacket and pantaloons of the era.

In his right hand, Champlain carries his astrolabe, famously thought to have been lost on a portage through the Calumet rapids near Cobden, Ontario—though this story has been largely discredited.

In his left, he holds a notebook, believed to have held his maps and drawings.

Behind the portrait is Champlain's birch-bark canoe, replete with supplies and paddles. His back turned to the waterway and distant tree-lined shore behind him.

A First Nations guide stands to his left with his own supply-filled canoe, holding a paddle in his right hand. His long hair sports two feathers, and he wears a buckskin loincloth, footwear and arm straps.

  •   Encapsulated and presented in a maroon clamshell with a black beauty box.
  •   Comes with a serialized certificate – your proof of ownership and evidence your coin was individually inspected

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