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Prehistoric Animals: Tylosaurus Pembinensis - 25-Cent Coloured Glow-in-the-Dark Coin (2013)

Mintage 30,000
3 per household
$29.95 CAD
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Previous coins sold out! Order yours today!

Millions of years ago, a vast inland sea covered the centre of the North American continent, teeming with strange and fearsome beasts. The king of these wonders was the Tylosaurus: a super-predator related to present-day snakes and Komodo dragons that—at a whopping 43 feet in length—is believed to have been one of the most massive creatures to ever inhabit Earth's oceans.

The first two coins in this series of glow-in-the-dark prehistoric creatures sold out quickly, so make sure you order your coin today!

Special features
•  Your unique coloured coin features glow-in-the-dark technology!
•  For best effect, place the coin in sunlight, fluorescent, or incandescent light for 30-60 seconds, then bring the coin into the dark to reveal the glowing skeleton of the dinosaur!
•  Third coin in the Prehistoric Animals coin series.
•  Photo-luminescent effect will not wear.
•  Limited to 30,000 coins worldwide.
•  Your coin design was approved by Alberta's Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology.

Designed by Canadian artist Julius Csotonyi under the technical guidance of Alberta's Royal Tyrell Museum, your coin illustrates paleontologists' rendition of what Tylosaurus pembinensis may have looked like. This daunting beast slithers across the field of the coin, head and massive jaw in the foreground, its mouth open to reveal dozens of sharp, powerful teeth. Removed from natural light, the monster's glow-in-the-dark image is transformed into an intricate skeleton. The reverse is engraved with the word "CANADA," the date "2013," and the face value of "25 CENTS."

Your coin is encapsulated and presented in a Royal Canadian Mint-branded maroon clamshell case lined with black flock and protected by a customized colour sleeve with photo-luminescent elements.

This coin makes an ideal gift for dinosaur enthusiasts young and old, and a unique addition to any coin collection. Order your coin today!

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