Proof Silver Dollar – 400th Anniversary of Québec (2008)

Mintage 65,000
$42.95 CAD

History to treasure

Four hundred years ago, Samuel de Champlain built a fur trading post at a spot on the St. Lawrence River where the Algonquin people would come to fish and barter.

Kebec (where the river narrows) quickly became one of North America's largest maritime cities. Today, its unique character as the only walled city on the continent continues to draw people from around the world.

Highlights Once a cornerstone of everyday commerce, silver dollars have a timeless allure that makes them the quintessential collector coin.


A portrait of Samuel de Champlain with the habitation he built at the foot of Cap-aux-Diamants at Kebec (now the city of Québec) in the background. The boats underscore the importance of the city's position on the St. Lawrence River as the gateway to North America.

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