Silver Crystal Zodiac Collection (2013)

Mintage 7,777
Canada only
3 per order
$109.95 CAD  per coin

Every coin bears a richly detailed obverse with an artistic, old-world look!

Treat yourself to a magnificent talisman. Discover a complete collection of 12 fascinating silver zodiac coins with old-world charm, from the Republic of Belarus. Twelve unique designs portray each sign of the zodiac embellished with an antique finish and crystals.

Wisdom of the ancients, astrology is known to have been in use by the Romans. Its origins are even older, most likely in Egypt, sometime around the late 2nd or early 1st century BCE.

Special features of the collection:
  •  A full collection of 12 zodiac coins in silver (92.5% pure), with an antique finish
  •  Rich, ornate designs and embellished with crystals
  •  A free collector case* to display all 12 coins, with the purchase of your 4th coin
  •  Every coin bears a richly detailed obverse with an artistic, old-world look
  •  Exclusive - only 7,777 complete sets worldwide

Subscribe to this 12-coin collection now and enjoy the convenience of receiving your coins automatically. Building your Silver Zodiac collection is easy and affordable, since you pay in installments. Each stunning coin in this collection is only $109.95. Your credit card will be billed for only one coin at a time, as your coins are shipped to you.

* The free collector case may differ from image as shown.

Shipping starts in May 2014

1st coin of the Silver Zodiac Collection


  •  Silver (92.5% pure)
  •  Antique finish with crystals
  •  Only $109.95 each

Each coin in the collection features this spectacular obverse.

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