Special Edition Proof Silver Dollar – The Mint's Centennial (2008)

Mintage 25,000
$59.95 CAD

Celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Royal Canadian Mint!

In 1908, the institution that would become known as the Royal Canadian Mint officially opened for business. Over the past century, the Mint has emerged as a global leader in minting, with a revolutionary coin-plating process, the purest 99.999% bullion gold coin and the first coloured circulation coin just a few of its internationally renowned firsts.

Today, an automated plant in Winnipeg (Manitoba) produces circulation coins for Canada and international clients while the Ottawa (Ontario) facility performs refining/assaying and the production of bullion (investment) and numismatic (collector) coins.

Every commemorative coin produced by the Mint expresses a theme or ideal that reflects Canada's heritage and values. A limited-edition work of art in silver, gold, even platinum, it is a visual essay on the Canadian experience, just as Canada's circulation coins bring a sense of nationhood to every commercial transaction they support - a story of growth and transformation over 100 years.

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