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The Queen's Diamond Jubilee - 2012 Royal Gold 3-Coin Set

Mintage 375
Canada and US only
$10,000.00 CAD
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A trilogy of gold coins from the British, Canadian and Australian mints.

Limited to only 375 sets worldwide (only 100 sets available for Canada and the US).

An international Diamond Jubilee celebration.
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II acceded to the throne in 1952 to become the monarch of England and the Commonwealth realms of which the Dominions of Canada and Australia were part. Just 25 years of age, she was already a seasoned stateswoman, having long acted on The King's behalf during the many years he struggled with illness.

The Queen is one of the world's most recognized and most-travelled monarchs. As the 60th year of her reign begins, she continues to draw enthusiastic admirers wherever she goes. The British monarchy has marked a Diamond Jubilee only once throughout its 1,200-year history—for Queen Victoria in 1897. For Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee, it is a source of pride in England and the Commonwealth—a rare milestone of exceptional service and devotion to be celebrated the world over.

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