Vancouver 2010 – Inukshuk Coin Collection

Mintage While Supplies Last
$29.95 CAD $22.68 USD

Admire a remarkable piece of Canada's unique heritage

Keeping a watchful eye over Whistler Mountain is a majestic Inukshuk, time-honoured symbol of Canada’s North. This exquisite landmark stands tall with all twelve Vancouver 2010 25-cent circulation sport coins plus two circulation Lucky Loonies issued between 2007 and 2009. It’s a souvenir you’ll cherish from Canada’s Winter Games!

This is one of four different sets, which are presented in a card depicting various images unique to Vancouver and Whistler. The obverses and reverses of all 12 Vancouver 2010 quarters and the 2 Lucky Loonies are displayed on a beautiful card and each coin is protectively sealed to preserve its finish.

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