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Vancouver 2010 5-Ounce Silver Coin - Look of the Games (2010)

Mintage 2,010
Canada and US only
$389.95 CAD
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A unique montage of energy and ideals in pure silver.

The Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games will be a global celebration of sport and goodwill—a historic event that will also celebrate the energy and dynamics of the Host Region. British Columbia (BC) is a land of diversity and balance. It embodies the ideals that lie at the core of Canadian values, captured in these beautiful gold and silver coins to create a legacy that will inspire generations to come.

Highlights: Heightened purity and exclusive mintages combine to deliver a numismatic collectible of the highest order. Five ounces of pure silver or gold provide a stunning canvas for an abstract and thought-provoking design that will generate plenty of conversation as admirers explore its myriad of elements and symbols.

Reverse: Everyday objects from BC’s urban and natural landscapes come together in unexpected ways to create an overall impression of diversity and balance. The inlays used in this design display bubbles, salmon, fern, Gas Town brickwork, technology, rain, lattice, sea foam, firs, clouds and ice, while the overlays display trees, an aboriginal canoe and geese that transform into a kite.

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