Vancouver 2010 Emblems and Mascots Set

Mintage 16,000
$49.95 CAD

Limited to 16,000 sets worldwide with only 6,000 available from the Mint.

The Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games emblems and mascots express the values and essence of the Games. They also capture the pride that results from outstanding achievement.

The bronze lapel pins are exclusive and are only available in this set.

Included in this set:
• A limited-edition stamp souvenir sheet showcasing the two emblems and three mascots of the Games, overprinted with a genuine bronze foil
• Three vividly coloured, three-ply, specimen- finish nickel 50-cent coins depicting the three mascots
• Two bronze lapel pins featuring all three mascots and both the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games emblems
• A numbered, full-colour information booklet

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