2 oz. Fine Silver Coin - Canada Through the Eyes of Tim Barnard - Mintage: 5,000 (2014)

2 oz. Fine Silver Coin - Canada Through the Eyes of Tim Barnard - Mintage: 5,000 (2014)

$169.95 CAD
Mintage: 5,000
Canada and US only

Unique 2 oz. silver coin! Order yours today!

Explore Canada as you've never seen it before with this captivating coin that draws you in to discover more than 50 images that are Canadian icons in their own right, or reflective of the artist's personal Canadian experiences—like time spent under the Yukon's midnight sun, as shown within the centre of this coin.

These images are reminiscent of comic book illustrations, but that's where their similarity to comic books ends. Instead of being linear they spiral out from the centre, inviting you to create your own adventure as you search for the initials of the province or territory you call home.

What else will you find? Canadian fauna and flora; First Nations culture and art; historic portraits and images; and various logos. Every time you explore this coin, you will see something new.

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Special features:
•   Your coin is the second in a series of Contemporary Canadian Art coins: features an original work by renowned worldwide Canadian artist Tim Barnard.
•   The astonishing circular design on your coin includes more than 50 distinct images symbolizing elements of Canada both broadly iconic and personal to the artist himself. Find something new every time you look at the coin!
•   Your coin is an elegant gift and a sophisticated addition to any collection featuring Canadian art, Canadian artists or Canadiana.
•   Your coin is 99.99% pure silver (GST/HST exempt) with a limited worldwide mintage.

Your coin was designed by renowned Canadian artist Tim Barnard and is titled "Canada Through the Eyes of Tim Barnard." This astonishing circular design includes more than 50 distinct images symbolizing elements of Canada both broadly iconic and personal to the artist himself. At the centre of your coin sits a scene from a rugged Yukon riverbank—meaningful to Barnard for time spent there under summer's midnight sun. From here, the image circles out in a panoply of Canadian illustrations; images from Canadian history and portraits of historical figures; scenes from First Nations culture, art, and mythology; Canadian flora and fauna; people bundled up against winter's chill; and much more. This mesmerizing design offers something new for you at each glance. Barnard has also cleverly hidden within the design the initials of each Canadian province and territory.

Your coin is encapsulated and presented in a Royal Canadian Mint-branded maroon clamshell with custom beauty box.

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what an exceptional coin !


The details are constant

Useful Information



Very Intricate design!


This coin is amazing to look at and see how intricate the design of it is!


Hamilton, Ontario


this is awesome 3D coin!!


Let me teach you how to enjoy this stunning coin. the coin face to the light and put in a distance,you will find this is a stunning 3D coin!! SO beautiful !!




Too busy and overcrowded


It easy to see where RCM is moving now and I understand why. It must be very challenging to remain commercially successful and unique in this tough market. It may be easier for older nations, like Italians, Spanians or Greeks to commercialize their history and mythology and make coinage popular and profitable business. Even without trying to be unique and many times with quality below average. However, history of civilizations, its greatest events and best creations now belongs to all of us. We can use and make Canada and US a great part that. There are zillions of different ideas. RCM have all technical means, professionals, experience and can come with truly great and attractive products. Design and retooling cost money and with this mintage it probably nearly imposable to make business profitable. This could explain price and it can help us to understand the challenges. But, I guess the customers of RCM deserve and waiting for something more than that.


Maple, ON


Lovely coin, poorly displayed


This is a coin that is made to be displayed, it's not just a date or an event, it's a work of art. The issue is, any other mint in the world would have this coin in a display case. Something to showcase the piece that says 'Look at the work on this coin'. However, it comes in the RCM generic clamshell which is only good for throwing away forcing the numismatic 'art' collectors to spend additional monies on a new after market case.




amazing coin


This is a very special coin in that you need to look at it for more than one minute at a time and especially more than a couple of times! When it came, I spent the better part of an hour going over Tim Barnard's artwork. While the concept of a montage is not new, he put his own stamp(pardon the pun) on it and definitely made this coin his own. I went back to the mint website to find out all I could because the information in the case contains was very little detail about the artist or this coin. The Mint really goofed up there. This coin needs a story to go with it because there is so much to look for! I picked the coin back up and found more symbols and characters, and amazingly, more the next day when writing this review! I needed a magnifying glass to clearly look at it so this should have been on a bigger coin to be better appreciated. The original artwork on the box is easier to look at because it's in 2D and I had no problems picking out characters, subjects, etc. A printout of the artwork should have been included to help pick out objects, thus adding to the enjoyment of this awesome coin. The coin's extensive relief and various finishes tended to complicate viewing but I don't know if there would have been any other way to mint it. This coin is one that I will definitely show off to others.




A great smorgasbord


however, an "ingredients" list is required...

Maître D

Planet Earth

Too crowed


Too many icons crowed together, didn't look good. 2 oz size is a plus as usually only 1 or 2 coins with this size per year and mintage is low.

Martin Ye

Toronto, ON


Very full design, needing lots of room.


I'm still looking for the province initials




Great looking coin


I really like the coin. I was impressed how big the coin is and the details are intricate. With a mintage of 5,000 and not being a common weight for a coin, this will be a collector coin.

Sam T

North Vancouver


2 oz. Fine Silver Coin - Canada Through the Eyes of Tim Barnard - Mintage: 5000 (2014)

4.6 30



  • No.129132
  • Mintage5,000
  • Compositionfine silver (99.99% pure)
  • Finishproof
  • Weight (g) 62.7
  • Diameter (mm) 54
  • Edgeserrated
  • Certificateserialized
  • Face value30 dollars
  • ArtistTim Barnard (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

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