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Meet Our Artists

Behind each of the Mint's Vancouver 2010 coins, there is a talented artist who brings innovative ideas to life. Meet some of the artistic minds behind the Vancouver 2010 silver, gold and circulation coin collections.

Cecily Mok

Mok designed the $75 Gold Coloured Coin—Royal Canadian Mounted Police (2007).

Stan Witten

Witten created the Early Canada design, struck on both the 1-Kilo Gold and Silver Coins (2007).

Bonnie Ross

Ross designed the 2007 $25 Sterling Silver Hologram Biathlon Coin

Glen Loates

The subject of numerous magazine articles, three books, three films and countless interviews, Glen Loates has been honoured nationally and internationally including special commissions and invitations to join scientific expeditions

Brian Hughes

Hughes designed the 2007 $25 Sterling Silver Hologram Coin - Alpine Skiing.

Kerri Burnett

Burnett designed the $75 Gold Coloured Coin—Canada Geese (2007).

Shelagh Armstrong

Armstrong created a design named Athletes' Pride, struck on both a $25 Sterling Silver Hologram Coin (2007) and a $75 Gold Coloured Coin (2007).

Steve Hepburn

Hepburn designed two of the $25 Sterling Silver Hologram Coins (2007): Curling and Ice Hockey.

Glen Green

Green designed the 25-cent circulation coins from the Vancouver 2010 collection

Laurie McGaw

Whether it's commissioned art, historical painting or book illustration, Canadian artist Laurie McGaw's masterful work has been captivating audiences for more than 35 years.

Arnold Nogy

Nogy's ties to Algonquin Park run deep. This wilderness treasure has been a major source of artistic inspiration since his early twenties. It is also the scene where Nogy's relationship with the Royal Canadian Mint began.

David Craig

Craig designed the inner ring of the $300 Premium Gold Coin—Olympic Ideals (2007).

Robert Ganz

Ganz designed the 2012 $10 Fine Silver Coin - Praying Mantis

Robert Bateman

Robert Bateman, world-renowned wildlife artist, is best known for his beautiful, lifelike paintings that capture the heart and soul of Canada's wilderness.

Ulaayu Pilurtuut

A courageous, passionate woman, Ulaayu Pilurtuut lives in the heart of the Far North, where she was born in 1964

Yves Bérubé

As a young boy Yves grew up within hailing distance of the huge freighters and fishing vessels that plied the Gulf of St. Lawrence. This more than anything started his obsession with maritime life.

Luc Normandin

A vision towards conservation.

Gary Taxali

Fine art, pop culture and 1930s style iconography and graphics are intertwined in the unique retro style of this award winning illustrator and artist.

Matt Barnes

A Toronto-based and commercial photographer whose work is heavily influenced by pop culture and his unsurpassable passion for photography.

Stan Witten

The Terry Fox one-dollar Commemorative Circulation Coin. In Memory of a Canadian Hero.


Tony Bianco

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