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Meet Our Employees

From technicians to artists, from managers to machine operators, the Mint is a network of highly-skilled individuals who are passionate about making world-class coins and numismatic products. Proudly Canadian, the people at the Mint are its heartbeat. They ensure that the unique coins they produce maintain the incredibly high standards that have been set by their predecessors over the last 100 years. This is where you can take a peek behind the scenes and get to know some of the professionals who turn raw metal into minting perfection.

Michelle Moisan

"The Mint is progressive and dynamic with an outstanding reputation around the world. It's exciting to work in an organization where excellence is commonplace."

Jonathan Hayes

"There's an enthusiasm among Mint employees - whether they've been here since the very beginning or are newcomers to the organization. I think that says something about the way the company treats its people."

Christian Miron

"I get to work with the latest and greatest technology in the industry - all the things I learned about in school but never dreamed I'd have the chance to use."

Anita Trudeau

"The management team spends time in the trenches. It's normal to see managers on the production floor; they're really engaged in the day-to-day operations of the plant."

Ben Bubb

"It is so satisfying to start with a 'blank' and end up with a fantastic coin product."

Margaret Bazan

"Knowing that I'm the first person to touch a beautiful new coin before it travels around the world honestly gives me chills."

Randy Froese

"The packaging is the first thing customers see. It's my job to make sure their first impression of the Mint is a good one."